Board rebuild and spam pruned

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Board rebuild and spam pruned

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New PHPBB, new PHP
Hopefully everything works, seems to...
Killed tons of spam. If I kiled some posts, sorry. It is genuinely hard to go through the posts and see what is what. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Disabled or removed and merged some old forums - I set them to read only as a archive (for now), as we don't need a place to breed more spam.
So basically the two still living forums for DAP and Reactor are functional.

I have to see how the captcha is working or why the forum got so much crap.
Sorry if I can't be more here, but I am barely keeping up with the normal support and development (I can only do one at the time, because I can't multitask). Also, I could not see for a year or so (cataract) - that did a number on my work ethic.

Anyhow, I am slowly back on track and could see like an eagle.
Released a new software called CQuill Writer - I always wanted to make this, now I did. It is wooooooonderful. Honestly.

Next step will be DAP 7. Yeah, I have bunch of good ideas, but I was putting them away. We will see how it goes. With increased complexity a small step in quality requires a huge amount of work and not everything I dream out turns out to be good once I make it - DAP is full of dead ends that started then ended up in meh folder.
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