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Welcome to the New MMBForums

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This is the new MMB Forum
After lot of failed trials of converting and transferring the old database I decided that the best approach is to create a new lean user forum for exchanging ideas and tips.

The old forum become an hairball of posts and topics where every little application (even no longer maintained) got its own forum. Obviously this was impossible to maintain, read or answer.
I also changed from ipb to phpBB as the newest IPB while having a lot of features become very CPU intensive and that become the reason of constant forum downtime.

As for the vast number of old posts, I will try to figure a way how to create an offline archive. I don't know yet how to do it.... but I will figure that out. (or not)

This is a discussion forum for ideas, tips, tricks, questions and sharing knowledge, it is not a support forum where the developers answer technical or registration problems. It is simply impractical and impossible to answer the daily pile of support emails and then do exactly the same on forums once again.

Therefore this is a User Discussion Forum, I encourage you to share your knowledge but if you have a question that needs to be answered by the developers, be it a technical problem or registration problem please use the mediachance contact pages.
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