Use Photo Rector to edit videos

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Use Photo Rector to edit videos

Post by Oscar »

Use the batch processor to add effect to videos:

This is the effect used in the video (embedded flow)
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Re: Use Photo Rector to edit videos

Post by JEL »

That's a great method :)

And because the work is done on images, rather than one big video-file, in case of power-failures or random computer-crashes, one doesn't have to re-render the entire sequence but can just re-render the specific images that aren't done. I have, for example, had to re-do renders of video-files in other software because the computer re-booted to install windows-updates automatically while I wasn't at the computer (some renders can take several days, if the video is long and the effect is heavy), resulting in it shutting down in the middle of the render-process causing hours of work to be lost. Using images, like in this process, you'll never lose more than a single image, so a much smarter method for render-intensive work (like effect-work can be) :)
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