Reactor Player for PHOTOSHOP

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Re: Reactor Player for PHOTOSHOP

Post by minstrel »

Both 'Reactor Player' and 'Plugin Bridge' are working in my Affinity Photo...

Are you certain that you converted the 'image' after you 'place' it into AP? It needs to be rasterized for any plugin to work [right click layer - rasterize].

If it is not rasterized all plugins listed will be 'grayed' out, thus unusable.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Reactor Player for PHOTOSHOP

Post by Allex »

I managed to import my own old effects.
But to open and apply does not work .. why?
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Re: Reactor Player for PHOTOSHOP

Post by shawnlau »

I recently purchased Photo-reactor and the the Photoshop plugin. I'm a graphics programmer ( hobbyist) and was disappointed to find that the .dlls created with the Photo-reactor SDK can't be used with the Reactor player. I have to believe if the ability to use the user created .dlls in the Reactor player existed, interests in both products would increase dramatically. One of the problems with writing plugins for Photoshop is the lack of documentation and the examples included in the Photoshop SDK are archaic. Writing plugins for Photo-Reactor is quite easy , with many thanks going to Andy Dansby and his wonderful documentation and examples (Adobe could take lessons from him). If the Reactor Player Photoshop plugin could use the .dll files created with the Photo-Reactor SDK , it would be a perfect answer for those wanting to create a Photoshop plugin but not willing to weed through thousands of pages of documents on how to communicate with Photoshop or set up Visual Studio to even compile the plugin.

Right now I know of only two alternatives-Photo-Reactor and Filter Forge (which is exasperatingly slow). If you could improve the plugin to use .dlls placed in its folder, it would be one awesome tool.
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Re: Reactor Player for PHOTOSHOP

Post by andydansby »

Thanks for the kind words on my tutorials. Since I was learning C at the time, it’s written from the perspective of someone learning the language. My start in my hobby of programming gets its roots from PhotoReactor. For this I am extremely grateful to Oscar and his intuitive software.

I learned more from programming PhotoReactor plug-ins than I have learned from any other source. I have to maintain that the other major use for PhotoReactor is learning to program.

Thank you Oscar

Andy Dansby.
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