What Start Sector is used in 2.5.2?

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What Start Sector is used in 2.5.2?

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This is an interesting one.
I have been working with another DLP Pro user, and he had a nasty problem in that his project compiled perfectly & burned to a disc perfectly yet it was impossible to make a DDP from the Video_TS folder because Layer 0 was too big. This is despite the break being legal (it was set to a chapter point in the blue line using PGCedit)
Additionally this point was shown as a legal break point when creating an ISO image using IMGBurn.
Here is where it gets strange though - in Gear Pro Mastering Edition v10 (which is what I use for my DDP image creation) it did not see the correct break point at all, and wanted to add it on the next chapter instead and even though GPME created the DDP for me, when I ran this through Eclipse ImageAnalysis (which is the software used by replication factories to check an image) it triggered a warning with L0 being too large, and telling me in the notes that whilst production could continue there may be lots of errors in the replica. Additionally there was a second warning telling me that the selected break point was incorrectly set as seamless instead of non seamless. (I know this is a warning only & there are no playability issues involved with this but factories will often throw back an image on any pretext if they are overbooked & want to do another job that is more lucrative first - this has happened to me on many occasions & is why we bought the software so we could say "hang on - this is nonsense").
The fix for the second warning is setting the break in PGCEdit, and the result this time was no later break error but again the L0 too large one - even with the correct break point being set.

Burn a written disc, and make the DDP from this - result = clean & green in Eclipse.

So - the question is, what start sector does version 2.5.2 use? I ask about that one specifically as I have never, ever seen this warning triggered in any of my projects which all use the PS version. GPME always asks for the start sector when loading a Video_TS and I usually go with the default and it is usually just fine. If there is a non seamless break point available GPME will suggest this as the break, and will reload the Video_TS if it is necessary to alter the start sector so that the layer break falls on a sector that is a multiple of 16 (which is how it should be). Yet GPME did not even "see" the break point cleanly & legally set in PGCEdit so I wonder if DLP uses a very low start sector instead of the more common 320-ish (I have seen this as high as 640 in years gone by) - there is really no good reason for it not to do this, but I cannot for the life of me work out why it could not see - even as an option - a break point properly set and seemingly legal.

So if anyone can come up with any insights on this I would be really grateful as it has me well & truly stumped.
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Re: What Start Sector is used in 2.5.2?

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DVD Lab Pro fails to calculate menu size or first play clips when calculating suitable layer break region

I never set a layer break in DLP but simply make sure I have an unlinked (dummy) chapter point near the start of the blue area and before the blue area to allow for varying menu sizes, eg. motion menu with audio

this will allow me to select and set the layer break in ImgBurn at the 50% area, I usually set the best quality one

never had a reject when sending for replication at this stage

(so, unless you make a DVD with no menu, the blue layerbreak indicated section is never correct)
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What Start Sector is used in 2 5 2

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Hello Video Girl,

Can You please tell me,how to create motion buttons in submenu in DVD Arch.4?

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