How do I get support for Mediachance products?

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Re: How do I get support for Mediachance products?

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Glad to hear that!
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Re: How do I get support for Mediachance products?

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So it was initially a bit difficult to get a response, but when Oscar did make contact, the level of help I got was phenomenal. I'm now up and running with my software again, only this time I'm running from within a VM using VMware Fusion 11 on my Apple iMac. Having followed Oscar's recommendations and guidance, I'm very impressed with this setup indeed, x64 bit versions of DAP Pro 6 and Photo Reactor are running fast and very stable on my Apple hardware. Thanks Oscar, I couldn't have done this without your help and support. Oscar did say that he is providing day-to-day support for Mediachance users that come through the Mediachance website and his time is unfortunately a bit limited to get onto these forums at the moment. He mentioned that any users that require support should do it through the main Mediachance website and not through this forum as that causes him duplication and is difficult to manage, which does make sense. I know I've made a couple of light-hearted digs on this forum whilst trying to get support, but the help I did get from Oscar in the end, was absolutely superb and greatly appreciated. I've been a registered user of mediachance software for years and DAP Pro continues to amaze me in just how versatile and creative it is.
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